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Stijn Kuppens

Hello! I am a Belgium based independent composer-cellist-producer. I compose contemporary instrumental music with a central place for the cello, in my own personal style.


My intention is to reach a broad, international public, which calls for a modern approach to my roles as producer, cellist and composer. In 2019 I released my first cello solo album ‘Inner Cello’, and in June 2021 I will release my second cello solo album ‘Cello Souls’.


In my series of Dialogues, I have my music for cello solo dialoguing with other instruments, collaborating with musicians like oboe player Joris Van den Hauwe, violinist Hugh Desmond, drummer Gert-Jan Dreessen and percussionist Brecht Claesen.


I also like to collaborate with dancers, videographers and visual artists for my live performances and for the production of video clips.