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Who I am

My full artist name is Stijn Kuppens AKA Roger Lee K. The extension ‘AKA Roger Lee K’, my alter ego, is a symbol for total creative liberty. I am a Belgium based independent composer-cellist-producer, bringing my contemporary, self-composed music, in which the cello has a prominent role, to the public through recordings and performances. My goal is to reach, inspire and bring musical joy to the public, with passion and authenticity. My project is small-scale, but explicitly international, set in the 21st century, and beyond genre. It cannot be defined geographically. Despite the fact that my music is composed and not improvised, I feel that I belong to the non-classical family of musicians.


With my music, I want to reach a broad audience. My music is accessible, but refined and original at the same time: I integrate recognisable elements from popular music styles, as well as complex artistic elements from classical music. I show new instrumental and musical possibilities of the cello, sometimes virtuosic, but without losing the accessibility of my music. This richness of techniques brings a continuous variety. My music is accessible from the first listening experience, but is meant to be listened to multiple times. The multi-layer aspect, both compositional as content-wise, is not necessarily explicitly shared with the public, but it creates depth, also while performing.