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Inner Cello - Single version

In June 2019, I released ‘Inner Cello’, a composition of 45 minutes for cello solo, composed of nine interconnected parts, which were composed separately, but which fit together perfectly as a puzzle to form a whole. With this first solo project I wanted to make a personal and unique contribution to contemporary music. The name ‘Inner Cello’ refers to the exteriorisation of my inner music, of the music that comes from inside myself, from an authentic source of inspiration. It also refers to a rediscovery of the cello, for which I develop new playing techniques, and which I use to make compositions that grow organically towards well balanced music. The silences in ‘Inner Cello’ are fundamentally part of the music. The listening experience is identical to the length of the piece. Despite the wide variety of styles, atmospheres and techniques, ‘Inner Cello’ is coherent and melted down to one artistic work. The single version of ‘Inner Cello’ has been chosen by Spotify to feature in the Editorial Playlist ‘Classical New Releases’ in June 2019, despite its unusual length of 45 minutes.

inner cello stijn kuppens original solo cello composition
stijn kuppens 18.jpg

Single releases

What is remarkable is that the different components of ‘Inner Cello’ can exist as independent compositions. They have a different meaning when they stand alone than when they are an integral part of ‘Inner Cello’, where they are influenced by the music that precedes or follows. I like to compare this to a painting that consists of different panels. Those panels can stand alone, but by bringing them together in a certain configuration they become a new entity, which has an extra dimension and gets a new meaning. Since the listening experience of ‘Inner Cello’ as a whole is different from listening to the parts individually, I decided to release them also separately. This is not a common practise, since the parts inside ‘Inner Cello’ are almost identical to their single releases.

Click the images below to find out more about the nine singles and take a look at the beautiful art work by Joris Pollers.