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In my project ‘Dialogues’ I have my music dialoguing with other instruments. Sometimes the Dialogue is composed in all details, and sometimes the result of improvisations during a rehearsal process. In case of a composition, I call the process ‘modular composing’, building a new composition on top of an existing composition. I use the existing cello solo tracks, sometimes with minimal adaptations, and I compose for a second instrument on top.

Audio releases - Dialogues

Fado (Dialogue with oboe)
Fado (Dialogue with oboe)

The Angel of 1985 (Dialogue with violin)
The Angel of 1985 (Dialogue with violin)

Stijn Kuppens composed a violin part, completing the cello solo version of ‘The Angel of 1985’, played by violinist Hugh Desmond. The result is amazingly enough a whole new composition, standing aside the coexisting solo version. The title reveals a tribute to a 13-year-old child, that didn’t survive a natural disaster, but managed to send a very important message to the world: you can still mean something to others, even in the worst circumstances.

Pas de deux  (Dialogue with violin)
Pas de deux (Dialogue with violin)

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Fado (Dialogue with oboe)
Fado (Dialogue with oboe)


Video releases - Dialogues


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The story behind the Dialogues

Discover the STORY
Discover the STORY