Stijn Kuppens Aka Roger Lee K

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In my project ‘Dialogues’ I have my music dialoguing with other instruments. I call this composition process ‘modular composing’, in which I build a new composition on top of an existing composition. I use the existing cello solo tracks, sometimes with minimal adaptations, and I compose for a second instrument on top. The meaning of the original cello voice changes because of this dialogue, with as a result a new composition. Especially the realisation that both versions, solo and dialogue, can coexist, without competition, is very special, and a new experience for me. I applied the modular composing process on four pieces until now, of which two with violin and two with oboe. The musical experience and result were in all four cases equally strong for me, for the featuring artist and for the recording engineer.

Discover the STORY
Discover the STORY